I, the Client, hereby consent to and provide permission for A. Partridge to provide nutrition counselling to myself for which I am legally responsible. I understand that A. Partridge does not provide medical advice, does not replace my personal physician, and does not diagnose medical conditions. A. Partridge may provide me with nutritional support and education that relates to already diagnosed nutritionally related conditions. Nutrition assessments are intended to be a guide for enhancing my nutritional health and supporting my health goals. I accept that it will be necessary for A. Partridge to collect personal, health, and lifestyle information. Medical records and personal information and history will be kept confidential, unless I consent to sharing my medical information. Further, I understand and accept that internet-associated activities (such as video calls and text-based conversations) are inherently at risk for a breach of personal information. I understand that if I schedule a web-based session that this implies consent and understanding of these risks. I have agreed to have A. Partridge keep records of our sessions and to file these in a secure and appropriate place. I have agreed to have A. Partridge contact other Health Care Professionals to benefit in my care and to share my personal information, should this become necessary. This may be accomplished by letter, phone, or email.

I hereby acknowledge that booking an appointment constitutes my digital signature and that I consent to these Terms and Conditions.