What can I expect at my first appointment?

A consultation is actually two appointments, usually a week to two apart. At the first appointment we’ll look at where you are now, where you have come from, and where you would like to be. This will include a chat about your lifestyle habits, your history, and a couple of other things, which of course is all that you would normally expect when seeing a nutritionist.

You may then get some homework, depending on the outcomes and the way forward.

At your second appointment we will look at and discuss your homework. This will give us an excellent idea of how you normally eat, what kinds of physical activity (if any) that you do, how you manage stress, what your sleep schedule is like, and we will create a path for you to follow. We all also refine and chat about some simple stress management tools that we introduced in our first appointment.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the initial appointment and assessment?

Yes, please. Because our appointments are video-based, what we won’t do physically are your metrics, such as your height, weight, waist and hip circumference. You will have to come prepared with these measurements. For men, you don’t need to do a hip measurement as this applies only to the ladies. None of this is complicated but, and I ask this very nicely: don’t lie about your weight or other measurements. I know we are all intrinsically tempted to do so but how is that going to help?

To know exactly how to do this, you can download a simple guide in either PDF (if you are on a PC) or a JPG (if you are on mobile).

Why are appointments video-based?

Appointments are video-based because, frankly, it keeps costs down. It means that I don’t have to pay rent on premises, get in all the stuff that must be there, nor pay for petrol to move back and forward. That automatically translates into savings for you.

And you don’t need to take the time to travel to me, nor take time off from work or other life responsibilities to do it. So it’s a win for both of us.

What video platforms do you use?

I am happy to use the platform of your choice, which includes Zoom, Google Meet, and Facetime for those on Apple Devices. Quite a few people, however, simply prefer to use WhatsApp video.

Why video and not just a phone call?

Because I like to see you and you will want to see me. A phone call is too impersonal. I will also be able to show you practical things which would be impossible over a phone call.

What do you charge?

Our first consultation is R850, which is split across two appointments. Thereafter, I charge only R400 a month for ongoing support, monitoring, fine-tuning and encouragement. I am also happy to have a couple in one appointment and offer a discounted rate of R1550 for both.

How do I book an appointment?

Easily done. Simply click here and you’ll go to my booking page. Select a day and time from the interactive calendar, and complete your details.