What is normal weight gain in pregnancy to support the health of baby and mother?

Pregnancy and the needs of the growing baby result in additional nutritional demands. Because of this, some weight gain is completely natural and normal. This is because the absorption of nutrients increases, excretion decreases, and metabolism becomes more efficient. Does this mean you should “eat for two”? No, it actually doesn’t. On average, the recommended […]

Are all carbohydrates “bad”?

With all the talk about low-carb diets lately, and how we should – at least according to some advice – stay away from carbs “because something-something”, let’s restore a little balance and bring this subject back down to earth. Not all carbs are created equal and – frankly – it’s never a good idea to […]

What is safe weight loss, and why?

Ads that tell you that you can “lose 10kgs in one week” are, frankly, dangerous and completely unrealistic. Losing that much weight so quickly can have disastrous effects on your organs, your metabolism, and your very health. To be safe, you should aim for 1 pound or 0.435kgs per week. That means that if you […]