A consultation with me is actually two appointments, one to two weeks apart, depending on your schedule. If you have any questions, please contact me, or you may book an appointment straight away.

What will this cost?

The initial two-appointment consultation will cost R850.00:

  • this is for the first month; and
  • if you wish to work together as a couple, I offer a discounted rate of R1550.

Thereafter, you pay only R400.00 per month for:

  • ongoing mentoring and discussions around your individual journey; and
  • this may be video or even text-based.

For overseas clients, I am able to receive dollars, pounds, and euros. Prices will be according to the current exchange rate at the time of the consultation.

At the first appointment we’ll look at:

  • where you are now;
  • where you have come from; and
  • where you would like to be.

This includes an assessment of your needs, a review of your history, and goal setting.

What we won’t do physically are your metrics:

  • these include your height, weight, waist and hip circumference;
  • that’s because our appointments are 100% video-based; and so
  • you would need to come prepared with these measurements.

None of this is complicated but, and I ask this very nicely: don’t lie about your weight or other measurements. I know we are all intrinsically tempted to do so but how is that going to help?

So that you know exactly how to do this, download a simple guide in either PDF (if you’re on a PC) or JPG (for easier viewing and saving on a mobile device).

We will also discuss some of the important aspects of your journey and what you can expect, and you will go away with a little homework, from which we will gain an in-depth view of your nutritional habits and routines, and some other key areas.

At our second appointment, we will look at and discuss your homework.

This will give us an excellent idea of:

  • how you normally eat;
  • what kinds of physical activity you do;
  • how you manage stress; and
  • what your sleep schedule is like.

We will then chat about and create a path for you to follow, which may include nutritional changes, physical exercise refinements, and even stress management tools.

Our initial appointments should take no longer than an hour each, though allow some additional time.

To book an appointment, simply contact me or go straight to my booking page.