Everyone knows that having someone around us that shows support and gives good, positive feedback is powerful in building confidence and decreasing self-doubt.

Whether you are studying, in an office situation, or on a sports field, you can be spurred on to success by how other people encourage and cheer you on. Of course, the opposite is also true. Negative talk can seriously affect your ability to believe in your own capabilities and can, well, ruin the show for you in a very big way.

And even though we know this is true, why do we so often insist on going it alone? Even when embarking on a new health path or journey, why would it not be a great idea to have a cheering squad…just for you?

A practical way to do this is to get an accountability partner. This can be a spouse, friend, family member or significant other. Just someone who is going to check in on you, make sure you are following your chosen diet or program, cheering you on and offering encouragement and valuable insights.

This can even be your coach or nutritionist. The possibilities are near endless.

It is so much easier to remember negative feedback. We are wired that way. Having someone constantly reinforce your efforts in a positive way is…well, it’s a super weapon.

And you should definitely try it.