Creative Writing for Kids

What is creative writing? Oh, you can call it “literature”, “narration”, and a bunch of other fancy hybrid terms, but when it comes down to the wire, it’s best described as the art of making something up.

Is a news article creative writing? Maybe. But seeing as how its sole job is to present facts, probably not.

Creative writing can be loose, mysterious, expressive. It can move, it can infuriate, it can drive one to throw a book across a room. It can entertain. It can take something as complex as the human experience and say it in such a way that it touches a soul and starts a movement. Whatever it might be, it should never be taken lightly.

As a homeschool dad, I teach creative writing now only to my own kids, but I act as a tutor and mentor to others, all the way from showing how to get started, to refining more advanced writers.

I produce videos on an ongoing basis, which I provide free on my YouTube channel. So have a look. And, also, subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I don’t only have cool tips, tricks, news, and views, but I include worksheets and eBooks so that your child can take their own writing game to the next level.